Hunters Creek – Pet Documentation Project

If you have found a pet or lost a pet and want help, Contact Irene Pierce at, or 210-392-3880. 

The Hunters Creek Pet Registry (HCPR) is a free service run by volunteers and is provided to HC residents and to residents of surrounding neighborhoods. The HCPR is supported by the Hunters Creek Neighborhood Association. Residents are urged to register your pet here which helps us identify the animals if they are ever lost.

When a pet is found in or around HC and reported to the HCPR we do a search to see if the animal matches any pets in our database. If we find a match, we call the owners to let them know their pet was found and who has him. If the animal is not in our system we use a microchip scanner to identify animals. If we cannot determine who the owners are we send an email blast to the neighborhoods to alert residents that an animal has been found. We also send out emails letting neighbors know if an animal has escaped from a yard or home.

The Dezavala-Shavano Veterinary Clinic has gone above and beyond in times of need to help out The Hunters Creek Pet Registry.

This Pet Registry was started in 2007 by a former HCNA resident, Allie Woodhouse, with the help of her father, Rick Woodhouse. Click here to read a 2011 MySA article about Allie and how she started the Pet Registry.

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